Top-Rated Travel Yoga Mats

People can practice yoga while traveling to enjoy its numerous health benefits. Practicing yoga can help you in managing stress, reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, boosting energy, reducing blood pressure, improving mental sharpness, and increasing happiness.

A travel mat is one of the essential yoga accessories used by travelers. A good mat should be portable, easy to clean, durable and foldable. This post is going to highlight the best travel yoga mats that you should consider when buying a Travel Yoga Mat.

Manduka eKO Superlight Mat

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The Manduka eKO Superlight mat is one of the most popular yoga mats among travelers and backpackers. It is a superslim mat that can be folded easily into any bag or yoga mat backpack for easy transport. Its surface has a rough texture that gives it dependable traction. This accessory can be cleaned easily. It is rinsed and hanged after cleaning to dry.

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

This is a cheap, slim and foldable mat. It can be carried easily in a carry-on due to its compactness. Its surface has a sticky texture that improves grip and traction while the user is practicing. You can keep this accessory handy while backpacking, and it should be secured with a weighty object in case the wind happens to pick up when you are practicing yoga outside. The Gaiam mat has optimal portability that makes it ideal for travelers.

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

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 This is a premium mat that is a bit pricey. It is a durable, super reliable option that is mainly used by people for backpacking adventures. This mast is made from natural rubber that gives it the much-needed grip for holding poses. Rubber is also helpful in providing extra cushion, thereby making the user more comfortable while practising. A sticky mat can support the user without allowing him/her to sink in while holding poses.

Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat

This is a versatile and light yoga mat that you can find in the market. It is mainly used by experienced yogis when traveling. It comes in three vibrant colors that suit one’s personality. It has a convenient folding design that can easily fit into small backpacks or bag.

In addition to this, it has a set of straps that are attached to it. Travelers can use these straps to hang their yoga accessories. These straps are also helpful in providing a carrying system especially after cleaning the mat.