As parents, we must make sure that we feed our children with the right foods. Children must be made understand that no all days are snack days. Ice cream and sweet should not be a must when we visit the mall. At times make them pick healthy foods and fruits. If you let the kid eat what they want, you will be the one to blame when the doctor declares them obese. Times are gone when obesity was only associated with adults; it is affecting children too. This article will list some dangers that face you, child when obesity strikes them.

Dangers of obesity in kids


You will be surprised to know it from the doctor that your child is suffering from diabetics and weight related diseases. You should not let your little one undergo the trauma of those medication and syringes at a young age. Take charge and dictate what they eat and when. I am not saying that kids should not be let eat snacks and sugar food, but this should be done in moderation. For example, snack day could only be set to be on Sundays. Include fruits and vegetables in their diet daily.


This is another danger of obesity. Your kid will be laughed at by other kids. She will be eliminated from playing with them because of their weight. They will even make fun of him or her that they eat a lot. When all this adds up, the self-esteem of your baby is greatly ruined. She might even start performing poorly in school. You will realize a baby who was outgoing and playful becoming dull all of a sudden.

Denied childhood

Childhood is all about playing and having fun with age mates. When a baby is overweight however, they cannot engage in some games. And even if they do, they get tired easily. This makes their childhood-limited and all the blame goes to you as a parent. Check the diet of your baby and make sure they do not suffer the above.