What You Should Know About Ostarine


Ostarine or MK 2866 is a great SARM that is used by people who want to build muscles. Although it has been found to have mild side effects, it has been found to have many health benefits. Before you use this drug, you need to know some facts about it and how to use it safely.

Ostarine or mk2866 is a SARM is known to target the androgen receptors. This means users can get the effects they want at certain places of the body. Specifically, it targets the bone and muscle. This drug has been widely studied with many clinical trials being conducted. It is a great drug for many users because of lower and milder side effects.

How Does Ostarine Work?

Since it is a SARM, it binds to the androgen receptors. Unlike steroids, the effects of this drug are limited to the target tissues. The fact that it binds to the receptors, Ostarine promotes muscle growth, bone density, and enhanced athleticism. Other uses of this drug are treating muscle loss and dystrophy. You should note that Ostarine can be to support weight loss and enhance physique performance. That explains why it is banned for use in professional sports.

Ostarine Benefits

The good thing about Ostarine is that it has mild side effects. As a result, the effects of this drug are less pronounced as compared to those of anabolic steroids. However, this does not mean this drug is completely safe to use. Since it has high bioavailability, it is a great option for persons who are comfortable taking it orally as opposed to injections.

Ostarine Side Effects

ostarine pillsOstarine has a share of side effects. Some of the side effects are liver toxicity, high estrogen conversion, and reduces testosterone levels. You can avoid these effects by being diligent with dosing. Also, it is advisable to run PCT between the cycles. You can also use testosterone boosters to reverse the effects.

Ostarine Dosage

Usually, Ostarine is sold in 5 to 20 mg capsules. As a beginner, you should start with 10 mg for cutting. If you are an advanced user, you should use 30 mg per day. It is recommended that women use 5 mg per day. You should note that the half-line of Ostarine is 24 hours. Therefore, you should take it once a day. If you are stacking, you should get a lower dosage.