Top 2 Plastic Surgery Procedures to Keep Your Body in Shape

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People nowadays are more open about plastic surgery. With the technology we have, it is now quickly done without too much abrasion. Many people have personal reasons why they want to go under the knife. Some want to look younger, and others would like to enhance their physical features to lift their self-esteem and make them feel good about appearance.

Two of the most famous procedures to enhance your body shape are liposuction and tummy tuck. The cost of tummy tuck nyc ranges from $4,000 to $10,000, but that amount may vary on the degree of the procedure.

What is the difference between a tummy tuck and liposuction?


Liposuction is a medical procedure that removes excess fats that do not respond to any diet or exercise. This procedure improves body contours and proportion. It can be done in most areas of the body, including the face, neck, arms, back, abdomen, chest, and legs. In liposuction, fat is removed via a cannula inserted in certain parts of your body to loosen the excess fats. The loosen fats are then suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum or syringed attached to the cannula.

The results will be apparent once the swelling and fluid retention subside. Liposuction is not as invasive as the tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, also called abdominoplasty, is known to address excess skin and loose muscled. This procedure is more invasive than liposuction because it is undergone with general anesthesia, and requires an extensive recovery period. It is considered more effective than liposuction because this procedure can reshape and recontour the abdominal part. Most women who gave birth would prefer to have this procedure to remove excess skin and fats that were acquired during the pregnancy.

A tummy tuck has a horizontally-oriented incision in between the pubic hairline and the navel. The extent of excess skin will determine the shape and length of the incision after the abdominal skin is lifted and repair the underlying weakened abdominal muscles. A second incision around the navel is optional if there is excess skin in the upper abdomen. They pull down the upper abdominal skin like a window shade, and the excess skin is cut down and suture the remaining skin.

The final results of the surgery may be obscured by swelling, and your inability to stand fully until the healing is complete. Within two weeks, you should be able to flaunt your slimmer look. The surgery will result in a flatter, firmer abdomen that is proportionate with your body type and weight. In women who gave birth via c-section, the existing scar may be included in the new scar. The scar may take several months up to a year to fade depending on your skin’s recovery to sutures. The surgical incisions must be well-managed to prevent swelling or any other complications.

Reasons To Go For The Laser Eye Surgery

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Most people today are seeking for better health care solutions for the eyes and the other body parts alike. Due to a high level of innovation, researchers and scientists have come up with ways of making eye surgery better and safer. Therefore, people are now taking preference to this method instead of wearing glasses as it was years ago. HI Lasik eyes surgery experts encourages people with various eye problems to visit their center for check up and necessary advice. So, if you are wondering the reasons behind the popularity of laser surgery, then the list below will help.

Reasons to go for eye laser surgery

Higher chances of success

blue eyeAccording to the past procedures already done, laser surgery for the eyes has very high chances of success. Both doctors and patients have confirmed that most it is almost rare to see a failure in these procedures. This low risk has made people to choose this over other ways including glasses.

Quick recovery

First of all people with pain fear now have a reason to smile as the laser surgery is usually painless or involves little and manageable pain. Being a less intrusive way of correcting various eye problems, then people will have a short time to worry about recovery. Most of the surgery will not involve using a bandage which is an indication of how minor it was. People have done laser surgery and reported back to their normal daily activities a few days after.

Corrects various problems

In most cases, the majority of eye problems with people include being short or long sighted. Luckily, both can be corrected using eye laser surgery methods. It all involves cutting the cornea covering and resizing it to align well for proper light control. Since most people wear glasses due to these two problems, then they can as well stop and take a surgery if the experts advise it is possible.

It is relatives affordable

woman doing eye check Laser surgery is affordable and offers value for money. Regaining back normal eyes is worth spending the amount the centers charge. If one has an insurance cover taking care of the eyesight, the process is even easier. Those relying on their savings still find it affordable and can negotiate a good price.


Today, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have already used the eye laser procedure, and the number continues to increase. You can as well be part of it by selecting the best laser experts.